The Bulgarian beaches meet the EU standards

The level of beach cleanness in Bulgaria rises each year. So, according to the report of the European Environment Agency (ЕЕА), almost all sites for swimming satisfy all of the safety standards of the European Union.

91 beach of 94 ones in Bulgaria were successfully tested by the commission. Only 3 sites for swimming caused blames – Varna, Zolotiye Peski (Golden Sands) and suburbs of Tsarevo town.

Though, as the practice shows, quality and cleanness of beaches in Bulgaria steadily improve. The state is annually building a great number of up-to-date sewage disposal plants at problem sites of the coast.

Thanks to this, many sites for swimming have prestigious “blue flags”, and recently Sinemorets place (in Burgas region) hit TOP 10 of the best European beaches.

It should be noted that favourable conditions for rest and living in Bulgaria are interesting for foreign tourists and real estate buyers. Many Europeans are attracted by an opportunity to buy own flat near the sea at reasonable price. Moreover, good ecological situation in Bulgaria, low crime level, absence of refugees and illegal migrants, as well as low cost of living should be noted.