Rest in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most comfortable and inexpensive countries as for rest for tourists from Europe. There are many places in the world where one can go to rest, but Bulgaria has a combination of unique and attractive peculiarities.

Lovely climate. Residents from the CIS countries will feel very comfortable on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria: Burgas, Varna, Solnechny Bereg (Sunny Beach), Zolotiye Peski (Golden Sands), Nesebr and Sozopol. The temperature here in the summer rarely exceeds 30 degrees, and the nights more often than not give cool after daytime heat. + 40 degree temperature is not common here early morning as in Turkey or Spain.

Black Sea. It is such a pleasure to swim in the Black Sea. Its temperature is very comfortable, not hot too much and not cold, just enough to freshen oneself in the summer. Likewise, the Black Sea is not excessively salty, when it is necessary to take a shower as soon as you have a swim.

No aggressive fauna. The most dangerous creatures you can meet here are jellyfishes. Consequences of meeting them are burns as with nettle. That’s all. Nobody bites, stings you here or chews away a leg or a hand.

Ecology. Many beaches of Bulgaria, especially in Burgas region, have prestigious blue flags, which are awarded by the International Environmental Education Fund. The very pure air is there in Bulgaria.

Unique culture. Some time ago the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria was a place where ancient Greeks, Romans and Byzantians lived, and now you can see here many historical monuments of the ancient cultures.

Lack of language barrier. If you know Russian, you can speak the Bulgarians, and you cannot speak the Italian or Greek anyhow.

Friendly natives. The Bulgarians behave good to the Russians and generally the former Soviet people.

Low prices. Shopping in Bulgaria is great and inexpensive, especially if you come not during touristic season.

Real estate. The real estate facilities in Bulgaria are the cheapest in Europe. You can buy a good flat on the coast of the Black Sea for the amount of 20-30 thousand Euro and come here without a need to pay for hotel accommodation.

Religion. The orthodox followers can visit the antique Bulgarian churches – in Burgas, Nesebr, Sozopol and other towns.

No crimes. Bulgaria is a safe country. Serious crimes are rare enough here. Certainly, you can meet swindlers on such resorts as Solnechny Bereg (Sunny beach) and Zolotiye Peski (Golden Sands), but generally it is quiet and calm here. Although one should always be reasonably prudent.