Are there refugees and migrants in Bulgaria?

Are there refugees in Bulgaria? Is it dangerous to live in this country? Such questions are often asked by people, who would like to buy real estate in Bulgaria. The answer is easy – in practice there are not refugees in Bulgaria. And here is the answer why.

Refugees from the countries of Africa and the Middle East try to pass by Bulgaria. And just a small part of people use this country to transit. Why? The fact is that social benefits are not provided for such people in Bulgaria. As refugees arrive to Europe not to find a work and to labour, it is not profitable for them to live in Bulgaria. Furthermore, the Bulgarian frontiersmen control the border hard enough and do not let pass irregular migrants.

It should be noted that the Bulgarians are very hospitable people and everyone, who visited Bulgaria, knows about this. However, they understand well a hazard of migration of a great number of people with strange culture and that is why they conduct very prudent migration policy.

Thus, tourists and people wishing to buy immovable property in Bulgaria may not worry about safety of their families.

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